Covid 19 Policy

We want you to know that we are committed to providing your family with the best care in the safest environment possible.
Please read our COVID-19 policies here:

Covid-19 Update 7/21/21:

We are excited to announce that on 7/26/21 we will start to transition back to in person appointments. Any individuals that do not feel comfortable with in person consultation or would prefer to wait in their car, can still elect to continue curbside services.

Pet parents will be required to wear masks covering both mouth and nose at all times while in the hospital or interacting with staff members in the parking lot.

This transition will be gradual and start strictly with doctor’s appointments for your pets. Appointments with the technician, surgery check ins and medication and food pick-ups will continue to be curbside at this time.

We will continue our current check in process and ask you to call when you arrive and you will be checked in over the phone. A staff member will come to your vehicle and bring you and your pet into the clinic when we have an examination room ready. We will allow one pet parent into the building with their pet. We are still required to maintain social distancing, and the size of our exam rooms does not allow us to have multiple family members. If you arrive with children we will continue curbside service so you can remain in the vehicle with your children.

We understand that it has been a long and difficult year and we ask for your patience as we navigate back towards “normal” operations. We are grateful to our clients for being incredibly understanding, kind and supportive during this past year. We look forward to seeing you in person!

Rest easy, your beloved friend is in safe hands.