Diagnostics & Imaging

Pets can’t tell you what’s wrong with them, but state-of-the-art technology can. Our diagnostic tools can help you figure out why your dog or cat isn’t eating or seems to be in pain. At our veterinary clinic, we offer digital x-rays, state-of-the-art ultrasounds, comprehensive anesthesia monitoring, and in-house laboratory facilities. 

Laboratory Tests 

A key component of diagnosing and managing conditions in your pet is laboratory tests. These include, but are not limited to, blood samples, urine samples, and fecal samples. We have a variety of in-house machines and tools to provide on-demand results, as well as a strong relationship with our diagnostic laboratory that can perform many additional tests.

We also recommend wellness bloodwork when your pet is here for their annual exam. This provides a helpful baseline of values when your pet is healthy, allows us to monitor trends over the years, and ideally catch a number of conditions early-on.

Digital Radiography (X-Rays)

Our goal is to keep our services as non-invasive as possible. Because of this, we often start by using radiography to find out the source of the problem.

Our digital x-ray machine often allows us to do same-day and as needed imaging, although we do sometime have to schedule a separate appointment to ensure adequate time to gather images and/or allow for sedation to help with positioning.

Point-of-Care and Certified Radiologist Ultrasounds

Our in-house ultrasound machine is another diagnostic tool that allows us to do quick scans of your pet’s chest or abdomen to search for fluid or any major abnormalities. This is sometimes used in combination with radiology to get a more complete picture of your pet’s internal organs

We also offer more in-depth ultrasounds with a Board Certified Radiologist to give us better detail and information on your pet’s internal organ function. These are performed approximately once a month and have to be schedule ahead of time.

Rest easy, your beloved friend is in safe hands.