Prescription Medication & Diets

In order for your pet to live a long, healthy life as a beloved member of your family, we may recommend specific medications and diets. Our in-house pharmacy stocks a variety of prescription and over-the-counter products for your convenience.

What Type of Medications Are Necessary? 

Each pet is an individual and we will treat them as such. Depending on your concerns, and any diagnostic findings that we find, we may prescribe certain medications. 

We always recommend monthly preventives for heartworm disease and fleas and ticks for our dog patient and some of our cat patients. Please discuss options during your visits to decide what product is best for your pet.

What Kind of Diet Does My Pet Need? 

Most of our patients do well on a balanced commercial pet food. We are happy to discuss what will work best for you and your pet.

Some of our patients benefit from a prescription diet to help address certain issues such as kidney disease, sensitive stomach, weight control, etc.

For example, growing animals need a different nutrient balance than geriatric pets. Meanwhile, adults require a different blend of nutrients and calories than geriatric pets. Various health problems also require dietary modifications. 

Learn About Your Pet’s Needs 

Your dog or cat may need a special diet to take care of its overall health. Through the right blend of medication and diet, you can help your pet feel its best as it grows older. To schedule your appointment or learn more about your pet’s dietary needs, reach out to Glenville Veterinary Clinic today.

Rest easy, your beloved friend is in safe hands.